Dale Cleaton

Dale Cleaton

Digital Multi-Specialist

The number of specialties that I should have at any time is roughly

Specialties = n+1 { where n is the number of specialties I currently have }

Areas of Focus

I tend to switch between any number of different large and sometime small projects but most fit somewhere within one or several of the four pillars below.

Dale Cleaton


Project management has been my major focus for the past several years. It’s very rewarding bringing a complex project together and getting to see the results.

Dale Cleaton


The easiest way to save money in a project is by getting the initial scope as close as possible to the final requirements. My broad range of experience and ability to execute every stage of a project gives me a huge advantage in defining the project scope.

Dale Cleaton


I’ve been running digital marketing campaigns with traditional retailers for years but the required synergy with above-the-line campaigns always limited creative choices. Lately I’ve been working in pure-play e-commerce and it has opened up whole new opportunities for interesting campaigns and marketing automation.

Dale Cleaton


I’ve been doing both front-end and back-end web development for about ten years and it tends to underpin everything else I do in one way or another. Having a proper understanding of what technology is truly capable of and how difficult an idea might be to implement is eternally useful.

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