Button Empire Management System

The Task

Button Empire required a way to efficiently process client images, create orders for production, manage sales and manage customers. As a nice industry there aren’t exactly a suite (or any) of competing software tools available.

The Solution

I developed this software basically because there was nothing like it already in existence. This software streamlines the process of making button badges. As nothing else exists in the industry anywhere in the world, this system has enabled an Australian-based supplier to dominate in an industry that would typically be dominated by Chinese suppliers.

Arranging and Tracking Images

The software works with the directory structure but also uses a database that stores extra information, including an MD5 hashstring and modfied date to track changes if files are moved outside the system.

It also records the size of each image for exporting so they’ll always look right.

Cropping and Sizing Images

Each source image can be resized, centred, cropped and then saved so they’ll always print perfectly.

It also adds a guide circle to make it easier to cut out the images after printing.

Compiling Orders

One of the hardest parts of the process was compiling orders of all different images for printing.

This enables you to arrange any number of any set of images into an order, choose the size, calculate the price, print an invoice and then export them for printing.

Export for Printing

With a single click the badges export into a perfect layout for printing in the size of choice.

Export Realistic Image

You can export realistic looking designs to show what a badge would look like once made.

This can be to show a client what their designs will look like once made or to export for a website. In the image here there has also been a watermark automatically added.

The Fine Detail

My Role


  • Iworked closely with the client to design a product that suited the needs they knew they had, as well as developed some new ideas.

Project Management

  • I managed the full


  • I built the full system

Core Systems

Language: Java

Database: MySQL

The Client

Button Empire

Button Empire is Australia’s largest producer of Button Badges having sold over 1 Million badges