Drummond Golf Website

The Task

This is the website component of the larger MiMatch project that connects a Magento website to the Microsoft Dynamics point of sale system (in every store), a computerised golf simulator and the MiMatch Golf Club Fitting Software.

The MiMatch project necessitates the collection of a large amount of rich data, data that no other golf retailer in the world has the time or inclination to collect. For this reason I had the idea to use that data to provide an unrivaled online experience for the Drummond Golf online store.

The Solution


The solution was to build an e-commerce website using Magento. At the time Magento was the best product to be able to showcase the level of product detail that was required to do the project justice.

The MiMatch administration program was modified to access more point-of-sale data and it was used as a library that could The POS, through MiMatch and into the website. This served to put products online but also acts to integrate orders from the website into the POS system and then into Australia Post.

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Note: Since the completion of the project several years ago the design has been updated to include full responsive design and web fonts, which were not widely supported at the time. The underlying infrastructure remains the same

The Fine Detail

My Role


  • I scoped the platform and the wider project (see more here) from requirements to design, user experience and implementation

Project Management

  • I managed most of the technical implementation from the front-end development side
  • Consulted on the implementation of the platform upgrades


  • I did the full User Experience and Design


  • I managed the team of developers and acted as the solution architect
  • I built the majority of the integrations between the Point of Sale system, Mimatch and Magento
  • I implemented the majority of the front-end development

Core Systems

Web: Magento

EDM: Mailchimp

Integration: C# and Magento web services

The Client

Drummond Golf

Australia’s largest and most prestigious Golf Retailer