MiMatch Fitting System

The Project

MiMatch LogoDrummond Golf are Australia’s premier golf retailer with more locations than their nearest two competitors combined. Drummond Golf had already built the world’s first computerised golf club fitting system, but it was somewhat simplistic and was no longer up to the standards of the day.

In order to consolidate their market-leading position Drummond Golf wanted to build the world’s best brand independent golf club fitting system that could act as the centerpiece of their competitive advantage.

The Solution

MiMatch consists of a suite of programs that work together to provide the world’s best computerised brand independent golf club fitting system. It then leverages that rich data to provide a brilliant online shopping experience.

MiMatch is built on an incredibly flexible data and user interface structure that can fit any golf club as well as golf balls and golf shoes. It could easily be configured to fit just about any product in any industry.

One of the great and horrible things about golf equipment is that they’re incredibly complex. A single driver is built from 3 main components which can create as many as 4000 possible combinations. Building a data model that can deal with this kind of complexity makes most other types of products look really easy.

MiMatch serves several marketing and sales goals, below are a few of the most important ones:

  1. It’s brand independent so it stopped manufacturer’s being able to have their cake and eat it too, e.g. Many golf drivers claim to be forgiving and workable, two very positive sounding but technically opposite properties. MiMatch eliminates these types of paradoxes by using a sliding scale between the two.
  2. Sometimes you can’t get what you need in a certain brand. A brand specific fitting system will almost never say there’s no product to suit you in a brand’s range, MiMatch carries far more products and is much more likely to find the right product for the customer.
  3. From the retailer’s position MiMatch will put higher margin and house brand equipment up against more consumer driven low margin products. This is because it fits on technical performance, not marketing dollars.
  4. It provides an independent third arbiter in the transaction and helps build the customer’s trust.

The Fine Detail

My Role


  • I determined the full scope through discussions with the Managing Director, Board Members, The Club Fitting Manager, Store Managers and Staff as well as golf club fittings experts.

Project Management

  • I managed the project from start to finish from scoping through to development.
  • I presented the product to the Board, at Franchise meetings and ran workshops in stores.


  • I built the majority of the platform
  • I project managed, tested and fixed the entire solution

Core Systems

Core: Microsoft .NET c#

Point of Sale: Microsoft Dynamics POS

Database: Microsoft SQL Server

The Client


Drummond Golf are Australia’s biggest golf retailer. They hold more of the market than their next two largest competitors combined,