Plumm Website

The Task

The task was to build a new e-commerce website to match the client’s updated branding and packaging. The previous website had a strong e-commerce and search engine optimisation focus but was weaker on delivering the brand strategy.

The task was to deliver a website that focused almost entirely on the brand whilst still offering e-commerce.

The Solution

The solution was to build the site for the most part as if it was a brand website. There was a strong focus on the core offering of the brand including the core ranges and the unique Glass Palate.

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The Fine Detail

My Role


  • Consulted on the User Experience


  • Configured the site
  • Built the front end

Core Systems

Web: Episerver

EDM: Mailchimp

Integration: Zapier

The Client


Born and bred in Melbourne, Plumm is the first Australian glassware brand designed for specific wine styles. Produced in Europe from the highest quality crystal Plumm is designed to be enjoyed every day.