Razzo eBay Store

The Task

Build an eBay store for the Razzo discount wine store. The store had to fully integrate into their existing website and their ERP system. As a discount retailer on thin margins it also couldn’t and significant ongoing running costs. It also had to be fully completed and live in less than five weeks.

The Solution

The tight timeframe and lack of ongoing budget created a number of challenges. Platforms for rolling out eBay stores exist but they all require reasonably significant ongoing costs. They also usually have plugins for popular shopping cart systems, unfortunately EpiServer was not on anyone’s list.

I built a custom integration application that connected the existing EpiServer website, eBay and their Navision ERP system. The integrations were tough for the simple fact that connecting three complicated systems with with very different data structures and complicated API’s is inherently difficult.

In concert with a digital designer I designed and then implemented the eBay store front-end to closely match the Razzo online store. The eBay front-end was tough simply because the options for what I could do on eBay were very limited without creating a whole custom page creating infrastructure, which was impractical in the time-frame. In order to produce a result that was both visually appealing and easy to maintain I had to manhandle many of eBay’s default layouts.

The Fine Detail

My Role


  • I worked with the various parties to ascertain exactly what we could acomplish within the time and bidget available.

Project Management

  • I tightly managed the requirements to make the goals were clear.
  • Tightly managed the timeline to make sure delivery and testing occurred with the timeframe


  • I built all integrations between the core systems
  • I did part of design and consulted on the rest
  • I implemented all of the front-end development

Core Systems

Web: EpiServer, eBay

ERP: Microsoft Navision

Languages: c#

Integration: eBay API, Navision API

The Client


Razzo is a large online wine clearance retailer based in Melbourne.