Recycled Timber Shelves

I needed some shelves to store my records and a few other things in my new apartment. I’ve got a spot that’s exactly 70cm wide and I couldn’t find any shelves that would fit the space properly. I was really avoiding making shelves because they’re such a boring thing to make, but I managed to make it a bit more interesting by building it with recycled timber I got from an old dresser that I bought from Vinnies for $85. It had some really interesting timber that you don’t really see very often, certainly I’ve never seen it for sale. The main feature is the piece I used for the top but the sides use some very nice red timber as well.

I’ve never really made a piece of furniture that I’d call craftsmanship so I was keen to see just how well I could make this given that I don’t really have the tools I need to make things really perfectly. Photoshop helps.