Skull Lamp

I was going to start this description by saying:

“skulls are so hot right now”

However, I had to buy these skulls from the Typo outlet store, not the normal Typo store. So I think it’s more accurate to say:

“skulls were so hot yesterday”

If Typo is wrong, I don’t want to be right.

As I said the skulls are from Typo, they’re made from porcelain which made them a little difficult to work with, there were more than a few smashed ones while I was making this, and one very happy accident that made it into the final product.

The basis of the lamp was from IKEA but I had to hack it up quite a bit. I replaced the main lampshade with one of the skulls and I had to add some steel tube to keep the flexible bit from cracking the delicate porcelain skulls when you moved it.

I also added a proper switch because the existing switch was one of those switches that’s halfway down the cord and you have to fumble around to try to find it. I hate those, so I added a proper one.