Toyworld Multi-site Platform

The Task

The first part of the task was to make a case for how a large retail group with independently owned stores could successfully build and run e-commerce websites.

The second and far easier task was to build an e-commerce platform that could act as a platform for the many different retail brands within the Associated Retailers Limited portfolio.

The Solution

The first step was to create a business model that could allow for the funding and creation of the website whilst not having the store owners feel like the head office was intruding into their territory. This required a number of long discussions with executives and board members as well as countless large presentations at store owner conferences and member working groups. After the initial rounds Toyworld New Zealand was selected to act as the pilot group.

Now came the easy part, building the platform. After an exhaustive search Magento Enterprise and WeAreDigital were chosen as the implementation partners due to the ubiquity of the Magento platform and WeAreDigital’s their strong focus on high quality design.

The initial Toyworld New Zealand project was extremely successful and has since been rolled out to Toyworld Australia, although e-commerce is not yet active there.

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The Fine Detail

My Role


  • I scoped the entire project, including a strong emphasis on structuring the site for maximum Search Engine Optimisation

Project Management

  • I managed the project from the client-side as Digital marketing Manager
  • Imanaged all the interactions with the executives in Australia and New Zealand as well as regularly presenting to the board


  • I built part of the Point-of-Sale integration because the Digital Agency had noone who could do the work
  • The initial program had some issues that weren’t able to be fixed, so I spent about six weeks fixing issues to get the platform stable

Core Systems

Web: Magento Enterprise

EDM: Campaign Monitor

Integration: SQL Server, Dropbox and Web services

The Client


Toyworld is one of Australia’s largest and oldest toy retailer with almost 200 locations throughout Australia and New Zealand.