Wine Clubs

The Task

The project was to use an existing EpiServer platform that the client was using for a number of websites to deliver private Wine Clubs for a variety of different corporate partners. Although all partners were considered valuable to business, some were quite small, so the real task was how to be able to deliver and maintain new Wine Clubs without adding substantial cost so the business could still expect a solid financial return, even on clubs with as few as 100 members.

The Solution

A project like this provided many opportunities for lateral thinking and creative solutions. We had to modify the existing platform as minimally as possible as well as find or create any number of efficiencies to enable the most cost-effective roll-out and maintenance of each Wine Club.

In its simplest form, the result we were able to achieve was to be able to deliver a new club with about two days of man-hours. Aggregate ongoing maintenance and marketing was also eventually reduced to almost nil. This required the development of a number of strategies not just for delivering the Wine Clubs, but also for EDM and marketing automation.

The eventual result is an incredibly elegant set of solutions that produces truly world-class Wine Clubs with minimal aggregate effort.

The Fine Detail

My Role


  • I developed the core concepts that allowed for the efficient delivery of the wine clubs and the email marketing.

Project Management

  • I managed most of the technical implementation from the front-end development side
  • Consulted on the implementation of the platform upgrades


  • I built the integrations between the core systems
  • I implemented the majority of the front-end development
  • Dynamic customised EDMs
  • Customised detailed marketing automation

Core Systems

Web: EpiServer,

EDM: Mailchimp

Email: Mandrill

Integration: SQL Server & Zapier

The Client

The Casama Group is one of the largest and most prestigious wine distributors in Australia.